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What is GeniusFind?

Geniusfind is a directory of thousands of search engines, databases, and archives organized into convenient categories and subcategories. These resources are specific to a certain topic and will greatly cut down on the time it takes you to find exactly what you're looking for.

How will this help me cut down on my search time?

Traditional search engines, such as Altavista, have indexed hundreds of millions of pages on the web, which is certainly impressive, but it's not always what you need. Those kinds of search engines are simply too big when it comes to finding useful, searchable information on a given topic. Geniusfind links you to the search engines, databases, or archives specific to what you are looking for, and then you can search those sites to find just what you need.

Could you give me an example?

Okay, here's a hypothetical situation that may help you see how Geniusfind works: Let's say that you just moved to a new town, and you want to find out what amusement parks are near you. If you were to input "amusement parks" into one of the large search engines, it would return somewhere around 50,000 results. It would give you every instance it found of the phrase "amusement parks", no matter how relevant it is to what you want to find out about them. This includes websites that are focused on amusement parks (which may be helpful to you), websites that contain search engines to locate amusement parks (which is exactly what you want), but it also includes newspaper articles with the words "amusement parks", personal home pages in which people have written those words, and thousands of other pages in its inventory of many millions. Basically, any time the words "amusement parks" are listed on a web page, the search engine will throw it at you. Then you either have to wade through thousands of pages or try to refine your search multiple times to figure out what combination of words will give you what you need in decent number of results to search through.

This is where Geniusfind comes in. We have already done all that tedious in-depth searching for you to find out which sites contain useful information, and which don't. All you have to do is go to Geniusfind and simply browse through our categories to find what you're looking for (Amusement Parks are under the Entertainment category). When you go to our Amusement Parks page, what you will see is this: A Search Engines section, which will link you to sites dealing specifically with amusement parks. All of these sites have fully searchable archives or databases, so you can input your search from that site, and it will most likely give you exactly what you need. If one of the search engines doesn't work for you, just come back to Geniusfind and try out the next one. It's almost guaranteed that one of them (if not many) will provide you with the information you're looking for. But just in case you don't find what you need there, we've given you a backup. Underneath the Search Engines category is a Page Links category containing another list of sites. All of these will not be searchable databases, but they will be sites that specifically deal with amusement parks, and they will surely be able to point you in the right direction to find what you're looking for.

So the point of the example is this: Why waste hours trying to sift through thousands of unrelated documents to find detailed information, when you can just come to Geniusfind and spend a couple minutes looking at sites that have already been personally reviewed by us? Every site we link to here has only been accepted because it is a useful source of information for anyone to use.

When should I use Geniusfind?

Use Geniusfind whenever you want to find useful information on a certain topic. We have a very large directory, and chances are we have what you're looking for. When you find it on our website, take a couple minutes and try out the sites we point you towards. You'll probably find exactly what you want, when you want it. What have you got to lose? If you don't find what you're looking for here, then you can get started on sorting through the 50,000 pages the other search engines will give you.

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