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Panasonic DVD-LS92 Portable DVD Player - 9" Display (DVD-RW,

Panasonic DVD-LS92 Portable DVD Player - 9" Display (DVD-RW, Comfortable Viewing from Any Angle and In Any Lighting The large 9 widescreen display pivots for free-style viewing so you can adjust the position for optimum comfort and image quality. You can also adjust the screen brightness to get the best view of your DVDs in all kinds of light conditions. You get beautiful images while watching movies on a dimly lit airplane, or when you're relaxing in the sun at a resort or other outdoor spot.Have a 11-Hour Movie Marathon on a Single Charge The DVD-LS92 comes with a built-in rechargeable battery that gives you a full 11 hours of playback without having to worry about running out of power on long trips. That's long enough to watch up to six DVD movies5 on a single charge while flying from New York to L.A. and back, so leave the AC adaptor at home and forget about recharging at your hotel.
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